One More Tree

Recently, we were invited to a meeting to discuss the potential removal of one more tree of the 25 trees of Jefferson Street.

To recap, three of these trees, together with another one further down, were the only trees  of the 25 that would be removed without local replacement. This would accommodate a cut in the sidewalk to allow both for a drop-off zone and for Americans with Disabilities access. Six other trees would be removed because they were dying and replaced with saplings.

fishermans wharf trees cropped

Plans had changed slightly. The National Parks Service (NPS) has its Visitor Center at the corner of Jefferson and Hyde, where the cut in the sidewalk to allow for taxis and for ADA access was planned. But the Visitor Center needed the broader sidewalk there, for people to gather for walking tours and so on. The NPS wanted the cut moved a few feet further down the street. However, that would mean on more tree gone. (In the picture above, it would be the first four trees.)

The discussion was remarkably cordial, constructive and solution-oriented. We’d like to thank everyone at the meeting: John Thomas of SF DPW; Craig Kenkel of the National Parks Service; David Von Winkler of the Argonaut; Carla Short, arborist at SF DPW; Rupa Bose of the SF Forest Alliance; and Kathleen Hallinan who spearheaded the effort to save the trees.

We examined the site. And here’s what was decided:

  • In exchange for the tree that needed to go, the westernmost tree on the corner outside the Park Service Visitor Center would be preserved. That was earlier slated for removal. Carla mentioned that SF DPW don’t have a procedure for “de-posting” but they might consider one.
  • The tree that needed to be removed for the new location of the cut will have to go.
  • In addition, one further tree may be impacted. The contractors will make their best effort to preserve it, but if they can’t, it will be replaced with a sapling of the same species (London Plane) a few feet further down the sidewalk.

So the net result is that no extra trees will be removed. Only four trees will be removed without replacement; six will be replaced with saplings at the same location; and one may possibly be replaced a few feet further down.

Jefferson street trees jan 2013 discussion

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