Jefferson Street’s Done – and the Trees Are Still There

Today was the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the renewed Jefferson Street, with celebration, speeches from many people including Mayor Ed Lee, Supervisor David Chiu, and SF DPW chief Mohammad Nuru presiding. We were there in costume, with butterflies, to represent Nature.

The Jefferson Street project’s gone well, on time and within budget. The pavement’s been redone, side walk expanded, and new lamp-posts installed.

Happily, most of the trees are still there. We’d like to thank everyone involved for recognizing the value of trees to visitors and the community, and the flexibility and constructive problem solving that made it happen.

jefferson street newly paved and remodelled

A few trees have been removed and replaced, but the replacements are substantial saplings, and appear to be growing well. Though of course smaller than the other trees in the row, they look like they’ll catch up.

The Saved Trees of Jefferson Street

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly - Dennis Dooley butterflyWe hope that some of the visitors will get to see some of the natives flourishing in this non-native habitat: The Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, which uses the London Plane tree as its nursery plant.

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