Celebration and Thank You – From Kathy Hallinan

butterfly girl and green man 1

Here is a picture of my husband’s granddaughter representing the butterflies and her boyfriend with a green mask representing the trees-at the ribbon cutting ceremony for New Jefferson Street.

We were proud to celebrate and represent the successful coalition and campaign to allow the trees and butterflies to remain in place on New Jefferson, for all the good environmental reasons.  (Please read updated blog post HERE.) Mayor Lee was there; Mohammed Nuru of DPW; Supervisor David Chiu; DPW New Jefferson City Planners; Fisherman’s Wharf Merchants; the Port, CBD,  and community representatives.

Per the suggestion of the Clark Bros, we embarked on a mission to go in costumes as trees and butterflies – to be the “voice of the voiceless” – on Thursday June 20, 2013. We carried our butterfly hand-painted paper mobile floating high above the crowd throughout the ceremony. It fluttered with 6 butterflies and was easily seen a block away.  The butterfly mobile was evident from far and wide;  our Green Man and Butterfly stayed in costume throughout . We were greeted and thanked by many in attendance for saving the trees and butterflies. We thanked them equally in return.

The SF Chronicle interviewed us and took pictures.  We mentioned it was a coalition between Save Jefferson Street Trees,  Liam O’Brien and Amber Hasselbring – Lepidopterists,  SF Forest Alliance, the Sierra Club, DPW, the Port, the Merchants –  all came together to save THE Green Belt on New Jefferson.

June 20 was a great day. The  new Jefferson Street Scape looks wonderful. Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Nature share the glory of the new street scape,  showing how GREEN is San Francisco.


A party of 8 of us went to  the restaurant “Pompeii’s Grotto”  after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

We’d told the owner of Pompeii’s Grotto – Nancy – the day before that we would be coming to her family’s restaurant after the ribbon cutting. Nancy reserved a large table for eight of us at the front window for our party

She warmly greeted us and said we did a great job saving the trees and butterflies and asked about our street artist spaces. (I’m a street artist who has worked at Fisherman’s Wharf since 1975. Our stalls were removed for the work on Jefferson Strees.) I told her we were getting them back in the same places and same numbers. I shared with Nancy that- Rip Malloy and the Street Artist Office had worked together to give us temporary spaces by Boudin’s bakery during the interim when we had no spaces.

Nancy said “Frankly this place … has been desolate without the street artists … we welcome you back and we hope you return SOON !!”


Thank you for the good work  the Art Commission, SF Street Artists Program , DPW, the Port all made on our behalf, both to give us temporary spaces and original spaces back; and to save the trees and butterflies where our spaces have always been.

Thanks to Liam O’Brien, Amber Hasselbring, Lepidopterists, we discovered SF Native Butterfly the Western Tiger Swallowtail lives in the London Plane Sycamore on Market street and Jefferson Street Corridors. Thanks to the SF chapter of the Sierra Club who championed our cause with a resolution to save Jefferson Trees. Thanks to the Forest Alliance who carried our cause.

I look forward to working back on Jefferson Street in front of the “Cannery” under the Jefferson Street Trees as I have, with my family,  in the same location, for 40 years — come 2014. All the while presenting to the public my handicrafts.  Every item on my display which I offer to the public is 100% hand-crafted  by me and can be found no where else in the world. This is just one of the joys that makes the tourists happy – to see unique handcrafts, along with all the other joys of Fisherman’s Wharf which brings the tourists 10 million strong yearly.

I invite all of you to come and meet me at my stand one day this summer –  and share my joy and pride at having been a certified San Francisco Street Artist for 40 years (since 1974)  under the City and County of San Francisco Art Commission. With my personal provenance reaching back to the 1960’s, just like the Cannery and the trees and butterflies on Jefferson Street.

Thank you

Kathy Hallinan

butterfly girl and green man 2

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